Custom Automation

Just what is automation? Automation (specifically, industrial automation or custom industrial automation) is the practice of using machine and computer controls to make an industrial process faster, more flexible, and more accurate. This can include sub-components like Programmable Logic Controls (PLC), machine vision systems, robotics, and more.

Industrial automation can help you achieve faster, more accurate production and add value to your product while containing costs…

…But you can’t go into it blindly. For automation to improve your processes and add value to your products, you will need to formulate a plan of attack with a trusted partner.

The first things that partner should ask?

  • What are your ultimate goals?
  • How far are you into production currently?
  • Do you have sales lined up that need to be fulfilled?

Here at Computech, we strive to understand your manufacturing goals first, and then bring together the best automation tools and the most experienced people to produce your products at scale.

We can start with a basic concept and help you develop a prototype from there, or else just jump into the initial design, testing (validation), and production. Along the way, our engineers and support staff will be there to answer your questions and work with you to make every project a success.

Computech Manufacturing Custom Automation Workflow

For examples of our Custom Automation work, see our Case Studies page.

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