Case Studies

At Computech, we are problem solvers– and we’ve helped many companies solve the problems that slow or halt their manufacturing processes. Some of these solutions have included:

  • Custom automation solutions, from robotic cells and assembly devices to inspection gauges
  • Contract machining, welding, and fabrication
  • Contract design and manufacturing
  • Precision machined components for the automotive and aerospace industries
  • Material handling and packaging automation
  • Quality assurance and control systems
  • Equipment refurbishment
  • …and much more

See below for details on some of our favorite projects.

Ammunition ID – Machine Refurbishment

The Challenge
A large ammunitions manufacturer was tasked with increasing the rate of production on a 1987 vintage machine used to paint the tips of bullets.  The machine was worn from many years of use and did not adhere to the latest safety standards.  Documentation for the original machine was incomplete.  The machine could not meet the required production rates.

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Automotive Punch Press

The Challenge
An automotive manufacturer required a solution to punch sensor boss holes into stainless steel tubing for an exhaust application. The machine needed to accommodate several different SKU’s and have the ability to produce 254,000 parts per year.

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Custom Clamshell Packaging

The Challenge
Clamshell plastic containers are commonly used in bakery applications. Common packaging lines require special tooling to automate the filling and closing of these containers, resulting in lengthy changeover times between package sizes. A bakery customer was looking for a solution to eliminate these changeover times and increase packaging rates versus their existing system.

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