Automotive Punch Press

Automotive General Industry


An automotive manufacturer required a solution to punch sensor boss holes into stainless steel tubing for an exhaust application.  The machine needed to accommodate several different SKU’s and have the ability to produce 254,000 parts per year.


Computech designed and manufactured a modular punch press to accommodate the required range of part numbers.  An interchangeable tooling plate design allowed for flexibility, enabling the angle and location of the sensor boss holes to be adjusted per part. The punch press was designed to support the range of current part numbers, with the capability to accommodate new part numbers as the customer releases them. Quick location clamps, quick disconnect color-coded hydraulic lines, and a built-in hoist were implemented to support faster changeovers.


The required 15 seconds cycle time per part was achieved. The tooling changeover goal of 10 minutes with one person was met. The machine was successfully started up on the customer’s floor, and has since been enabled with more tooling plates for additional SKU’s.