Ammunition ID – Machine Refurbishment



A large ammunitions manufacturer was tasked with increasing the rate of production on a 1987 vintage machine used to paint the tips of bullets.  The machine was worn from many years of use and did not adhere to the latest safety standards.  Documentation for the original machine was incomplete.  The machine could not meet the required production rates.


Computech performed a full evaluation of the machine.  All parts were inspected upon disassembly, with Computech replacing the parts which did not meet required specifications and safety standards.  The framing was then stripped and repainted to the customer’s specification.  The system was rebuilt with new drive components and bearings. The controls were upgraded to modern standards and the equipment was retrofitted to meet current safety standards. A new paint delivery system was designed and integrated.  To ensure proper paint application, Computech utilized a Cognex vision sensor to inspect proper paint application on the bullet tip.  To combat paint buildup on the indexing wheel in the paint area, Computech installed a paint scraping mechanism which operates every 10 minutes during operation and shutdown to keep the machine clean of any overspray.


The refurbished machine was validated by the customer and achieved the required 1200 parts per minute requirement with 85% minimum efficiency.  The revised guarding was verified to meet all current safety standards.  New documentation reflecting the updates and improvements was created to replace missing or outdated documentation, resulting in more streamlined troubleshooting and maintenance.