We Provide Custom Automation, Integration, and More

Contract Design and Manufacturing

Computech has an engineering and design staff with extensive experience in several markets. We can help design your product or process and then provide you with added manufacturing capability, as needed.

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Contract Machining and Fabrication

Machining and fabrication are families of value-add processes that create new parts and assemblies. (Machining often takes material away, for example by drilling, milling, reaming, or honing, while fabrication shapes or assembles raw material through bending, welding, or assembling.)

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Custom Automation

Just what is automation? Automation (specifically, industrial automation or custom industrial automation) is the practice of using machine and computer controls to make an industrial process faster, more flexible, and more accurate. This can include sub-components like Programmable Logic Controls (PLC), machine vision systems, robotics, and more.

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