Industries Served

Automotive Aerospace Agricultural Food Medical and Pharmaceutical Military Construction General Industry


Thousands of unique parts go into the manufacture of every vehicle. Not only do parts need to perform well and meet strict safety guidelines, but assembly and manufacturing processes must be automated and optimized in order to meet customer expectations and stay competitive.

Computech helps those in the automotive industry with custom automation solutions, from robotic cells, assembly devices, and inspection gauges.

Read our case study on this robotic production cell.


Aerospace applications require precision, with proper quality control. We have extensive experience with aerospace components and assemblies, as well as tooling and fixtures used for aerospace production.

Computech is certified to AS9100 Rev D and ISO9001:2015 by NSF-ISR.

Read our case study on aerospace wiring fixtures , or check out our capabilities  page to see how we can meet your precision machining and fabrication needs.


The system that grows and handles our food requires machines and processes that ensure the quality and safety of each and every product, as well as improve the rate of research and development in improving product yield.

We help agricultural companies bring their designs to life, though DFMA, sourcing, and full manufacturing execution.

See our case study on a contract manufacturing project.


Food processing companies use various methods to turn raw ingredients into product suitable for human consumption.  The equipment for this industry must be reliable and meet stringent health and safety standards.

We help food processing companies with material handling and packaging challenges, delivering solutions that help improve yield and production rates.

See our case study on a custom clamshell packaging solution.

Medical and Pharmaceutical

Over the past few decades, medicine has gotten increasingly complex. The same can be said for the pharmaceutical industry. Both face massive amounts of regulation, and compliance in manufacturing is important to ensure health and safety—lives literally depend on these products.

For years we have helped medical manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies with quality assurance and control, custom design, and manufacturing. Read our case study on a biological detection system.


Today’s military needs to be precise and efficient. We like to think we are helping our soldiers, abroad and at home, by providing top-notch engineering, design, manufacturing, and automation, as well as equipment refurbishment that meets military standards, to the companies that supply our armed services.

Read our case study of an ammunition identification system refurbishment project.


The construction industry is no stranger to tight deadlines and even tighter regulatory compliance. Manufacturing quality parts quickly, and designing improved automated processes, makes for safer, faster construction for everyone.

We provide the construction industry with contract manufacturing and design capabilities, machining, fabrication, and equipment refurbishment.

Read our case study on a custom build construction solution.

General Industry

Innovation happens all the time, and no one knows where the next great idea will come from. But when it does, we’re sure that we will be able to serve the automation and integration needs of that industry, too.

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